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TOI GSBS joins hands with Make in India to revolutionize Sports Business in India

Despite India’s infatuation for cricket, sports is yet to be seriously in the country. We need to encourage budding athletes in their formative years, but instead parents consider academic progress a priority which rarely allows children to dream of professional sports careers. In an attempt to propel the sports industry and to create an additional positive impact on the business of sports,...

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The Indian Denim Market

The Indian Denim Market is rapidly growing at CAGR of around 15 %. The main drivers for the growth are the favorable young demographic profile (approximate 50% population of India...

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Resurgence of Made-To-Order Clothing

The menswear market in India has seen a complete transition from tailor-made clothing to readymade clothing over the last two decades. That was the time when readymade clothing was perceived...
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Gangs of Denim

Denim by Première Vision attains its goals and brings the denim community together in Barcelona. Second edition, and nearly 4,000 international visitors (3,905 precisely). During two days of fruitful exchange....
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