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Associazione Calcio Milan, commonly referred to as A.C. Milan or simply Milan, is a professional football club in Milan, Italy, founded in 1899. The club has spent its entire history in the top flight of Italian football. The store will provide high-quality AC Milan football shirts for customers. If you are an enthusiastic football fan of the club, you can purchase a AC Milan kit to show your supports. 

AC Milan

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AC Milan Football Shirt

As one of the top-flight football club of Europe, AC Milan has won seven European Cup victories, breaking the records hold by Real Madrid. With the supports of many world-class professional footballers, such as Gabriel, Bonucci, Riccardo Montolivo and so on, the cheap football shirts & replica of club AC Milan are the best sellers at the sports outlet, attesting to the great effects from the Italian club giants AC Milan.

During the past decades, the red and black football shirts have been shown by numerous famous footballers on football fields. After a long time, the black and red football shirt becomes a symbol of AC Milan.

AC Milan Home Kit

The AC Milan home jersey features striking red and black stripes, which are the main elements in the design of the symbolic AC Milan home shirt. Either white or black shorts can match the striking football shirt. Due to the unique and fashionable design, the AC Milan home shirt is popular among numerous loyal football fans.

The initial inspiration of this home stripe is derived from an initial founding member Herbert Kilpin, who was an English man. In the hometown of Herbert Kilpin, striped shirts could be found everywhere. After long-term evolution in its design, the former stripes were replaced by some new stripes, showing more consistence with Italian design.

AC Milan Away Kit

The white AC Milan away football shirt features a rounded neck and short sleeves. Both sides are adorned by Adidas stripes. The front of the football shirt includes subtle line and triangle pattern. Besides, the red and black trims are striking against the predominately white football shirt.

AC Milan Third Kit

The design of AC Milan third kit takes a classic crewneck, providing superior comfort to players on and off football fields. The predominately black jersey is adorned with red and white logo and red stripes. The gradually changed red shows respects to the classic color scheme of the club.

AC Milan Shirt Printing

Italian football team is the first one to print names of footballers on the back of football shirt in 1981. No one expected the tremendous commercial potential behind this tiny behavior then. In the following decades, the printed names on the back of football shirts brought great profits to Italian football teams. In turn, the profits are also used to cultivate more excellent football players. In the recent years, the football club signed many excellent and competent world-class professional footballers like Ronaldinho and David Beckham. Affected by their unique individual charm and extraordinary practical skill, tens of thousands of football shirts have been sold.

At the online store, we’ll provide advanced shirt printing service. The name and number you like could be printed on the back of football shirts. In addition, one can even choose one or more shirt badges to adorn the unique football shirt.

AC Milan Kit History

Prior to cooperate with Adidas, AC Milan has cooperated with many suppliers, such as Linea Milan, Kappa and Lotto. From 1998, Adidas became the main football shirt supplier of AC Milan. After long-term changing and improvement, the symbolic home football shirt was created and presented to all people, becoming popular among thousands of loyal football fans.

AC Milan Training Kit

AC Milan has unveiled a series of training kit in the recent years. Most of training kits of AC Milan take red, black and white as main colors. Training kits of AC Milan are popular with both adults and children, with all sizes and colors available at the online store. Our store will provide all customers with high-quality football shirts, shorts, socks, training shirt and training kit at lower prices.