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The menswear market in India has seen a complete transition from tailor-made clothing to readymade clothing over the last two decades. That was the time when readymade clothing was perceived and positioned as more desirable, more aspirational with higher flaunt value. Anyone wearing readymade clothing used to command a higher attention amongst the peer group. A report by consultancy firm Wazir Advisors.

However, since then the readymade clothing has become pervasive and it no longer holds that kind of discriminating/superior appeal. Rather the proposition has now moved towards convenience and fashion. This coupled with easy availability, wide range and options (colours, designs); instant gratification of products, minimum risk in terms of fit and finish of the final product, etc. have moved the consumers in favour of readymade clothing. In parallel, consumers started viewing tailor-made clothing as a more tedious process. The limited availability of good quality tailors, issues timely delivery, and a bad experience with tailor – all these further led to the declining preference for tailor made clothing. With these structural changes in the market, the gap between readymade and tailor-made clothing widened, and tailor-made clothing carved out its niche with the high-end occasion wear and the wedding segment.
When we look at Men’s wardrobe over the years, the wardrobe has expanded in terms of colors, styles, categories, brands, and so on. A young professional would not only limit his wardrobe to shades of white and blue but there will be other softer shades such as pink and purple as well. Also, there be different assortment planned for different needs and occasions.A regular office wear shirt is different from the casualwear and the party wear shirt. Fashion and fashion shopping is becoming more specific and purpose oriented than multi-purpose shopping. The overall involvement and thus, spend on category has increased, which is leading to the overall market growth.
The shirts market in India has grown from ~ Rs 24,000 crore in 2010 to ~ Rs 42,000 crore in 2015 and is expected to further rise to Rs 75,000 crore by 2020; thereby registering a 12% CAGR. The shirts category contributes approximately 37% to the overall men’s clothing market.The super-premium and premium segments are the fastest growing with an expected CAGR of 25% and 21% respectively over the next five years. These two segments together constitute about 18% of the shirts market.
“Buyers in this premium and super-premium category are highly involved and look for exquisite designs, the perfect finish with the finest possible fabric for creating that perfect look. For them, apparel is a medium of expression, an indicator of their lifestyle and not just a piece of clothing,” said Wazir Advisors management consultant Prashant Agarwal. The concept of made-to-measure / bespoke tailoring gels perfectly with them. That’s the reason that while the overall tailor-made clothing market may be losing its share, there is a resurgence of tailor-made clothing at premium and super premium end.
This is driven by increased offerings and enhanced service delivery by both fabric players as well as menswear brands. The fabric players, the professional experts of tailoring industry, are now further raising the bar of their service delivery by integrating offline and online channels. So, consumers particularly the young generation who haven’t been to a fabric store in their lifetime or don’t want to visit these, are getting hooked on to these online custom-clothing portals. On the other hand, the menswear brands, the experts of style & fashion, are offering custom-fit clothing options to their consumers, increasing their involvement level with both the product and the brand.
This convergence of readymade and tailor-made/made-to-order clothing, whereby consumers are shopping for the final look and not just fabric is creating a whole new “superior” experience and a “desirable” positioning in favour of made-to-order clothing. This segment will thus, continue to grow, emerging out of its niche of occasion wear to serve the everyday needs as well of the target consumers.

Making of immortal, unique, and eternal designs. Ola dresses the greatness of men who embody only the best of each moment, seizing the meaning in every shard of time, turning every second into endless masterpiece. Ola’ is one of the world’s preeminent luxury brands, recognised the world over for its fashion innovation and impeccable Italian and Turkish craftsmanship.
Light colours of Ice Cream, Single pocket shirts available in 8 flavours. A pure feeling with a tint of colour blended with milky white allowing the original colour to trancend through. Available in two fabric options: Pure Linen & 100% Cotton. Summer breathing fabrics inspired by super bright coloured structured fabrics, then used as trimmings.
COFFEE BERRIES, brand of Sadguru Clothing Co., manufacturer of formal wear & exclusive party wear shirts with talented fabric designers, fashion, trends, and qualitative fabrics. With over decade in the shirts business, Coffee Berries is India’s premium manufacturers of quality formal office shirts, luxury dress shirts & classic cotton shirts. It has always been the endeavor of the company to offer quality products that are style driven.
Kodiya Garments is a leading export & manufacturer house of Men shirts – Casual & Formal Short, Slim, Regular and other allied products. Bringing the best range of men’s wear in exciting shades, fabrics and designs guaranteed to attract the attention. Our clothes are fit to suit every occasion – formal, casual, informal, party…. you name it, we have it.
‘High Touch’ came into existence during the 90’s era. Filled with passion for style launched a brand for the classy, distinct and trendy men’s attire in 1994. Today, we are proud to refer ourselves as a promising clothes brand. 100% pure cotton shirts, soft linens, elegant satins, exclusive slim-fit style and much more are manufactured on a daily basis by us. Available in 17 states across India, at 500+ retail outlets ‘High Touch’ has created its mark in the domestic market.
Carat makes only white shirts in sober patterns. White shirts enjoy wide popularity because they can be worn on any occasion. We offer a wide range of shirts in whites under formal and semi-formal category. We make slim fits for youngsters and shirts in thicker fabric for older men with permanent starch. We are concerned about the way yarn is dyed and use the best buttons and threads. We use branded three plys to ensure that quality standards are maintained.
Stori Fashions (P) Ltd formerly known as Chaya Garments (P) Ltd. has its roots in the year 1987, founded by Mr. Om Prakash Bhaiya. Chaya Garments, which started off as a fabric trading house, slowly graduated into making garments, and branched off into its own men’s fashion brand called Stori. The brand includes formal shirts and formal trousers. Stori Fashions has since expanded its portfolio to include a new brand ‘Red Flame’ that exclusively caters to the casual wear market with its range of casual shirts and fine denim.
Incepted in 1992, Spykar fashion apparel and accessories epitomizes global fashion & is a beacon of effortless style. The Brand has been synonymous with fashion for the youth. At Spykar, you can choose your way of expressing your personality with the clothes we offer. Whether keeping it simple and being stylish, or having funky designs and making it fashionable, we cater to one and all. Customers swear by our Brand owing to our unwavering quality and youth appeal of the products delivered over decades. Understanding international trends, peoples’ fashion personalities and always being a notch above the rest is what we believe in. The ability to make our patrons standout keeps us going.
Cross manages to give and amazing array of soft and sensuous fabrics and lovely soothing colours that are fresh, soft and gentle lively hues. Cross is a brand that celebrates the natural appeal of cotton. Established in 2003 has in short span of 9 years emerged as a dynamic player in the new age fashion retail sector. Cross is positioned as one of the top shirts brand across the country with an impressive brand recall amongst consumers.

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