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ALT represents the best of the world’s leading brands of apparel manufacturing equipment and is a major force in the Indian Garment. Knitwear & Leather  manufacturing Industries for over four decades now.

Apparel and Leather Technics Private Limited have been the pioneer in the business of Apparel, Knitwear and Leather equipment for the last 44 years. The sustenance of the Indian apparel manufacturing sector lies in the seamless bonding of the two aspects of high productivity and a lucrative income to attract the workforce. The same thought process has been personified in the operations of Apparel and Leather Technics (ALT) as a solutions provider to the apparel industry of the country.

In an atmosphere charged with liberal economic policies of the government of India, the wisest businessman is to one who makes the most out to it. In this regard, it is undoubtedly true that the Garment Industry is today the SINGLE LARGEST Foreign exchange earner for the country. Yet the fact remains that on a wider platform of world trade, this is only meager percentage of the entire share.
The reason for such a pathetic show is manifold, ranging from the lack of correct machinery to recognition of the right market for exports. Is it not but natural, that an investor would therefore like to have the best of both worlds. All sourced to him from a sig pint ? So, step in to APPAREL & associating itself with you in order to give the industry yet another feather in it’s cap and set you on the path of progress, never to look back.

ALT PVT. Ltd. represent the top in manufacturers of the world in the field of Apparel Machinery like VERTEX , EASTMAN, AMP PISSANI, ROSSO, SURUCU YUHO, GBOS, HASHIMA, BROTHER, SWANTEX,ANGHINETTI, HANFOR, BOWE, GEMA, CONFLEX, BUFA, LIHCHIH and ACRALIGHT etc.

The ALT Group, established in many parts of the country and soon the ALT Group became an integrated part of the Apparel, Knitwear and Leather Industry an focused on Turnkey projects for products ranging from readymade Garments, knitwear, Shoe and Leather goods, Dolls & Toys, Tarpaulins and industrial goods and a variety of end products.

Students of the ALT Training College are competing in all developed countries in the world. Countries across the globe are coming to ALT for technical assistance to be able to produce quality products at internationally acceptable prices.

ALT has its Corporate Office, at Bangalore with a strong national wide sales and service ranch office at Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Kolkatta, Chennai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Jaipur Ludhiana, Mumbai, New Delhi, Tirupur, Ahmedabad, Surat, Kanpur & Indore

We will continue to work and strive to make India a formidable force in the Apparel Business with the aim to get a market share proportionate to its resources and manpower.

Constant research and development is the mantra of success at ALT, a company that began its course in 1971 and since then, has spread rapidly. The company caters to the garment, footwear, home, upholstery, leather and textile industries. The sole objective of the company is to provide technology and ensure quality at competitive prices.

ALT offers turnkey services to start, expand or diversity the capacity of your industry The package include feasibility studies, upgrading and contract services for reputed brands of garment manufacturing machinery. A perfect combination of spare part and round-the- clock service.

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